Become a Charity Partner

Rise Up is seeking partners for 2018. Last year, we donated over $100,000 to charitable organizations, whose mission addresses one of our five focus issues (Women’s Rights, Climate Change, Immigrants’ Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Civil Rights). This year, we are working closer with our charitable organizations to give them a voice along with a donation.

  • Does your organization educate and organize the public to address one of our five focus issues?
  • Do you want your message to reach more people, engage more people, and generate more donations for your mission?
  • Do your chapters want to connect with a nationwide movement, and improve society from the community-level and up?

If so, we will rise up with you. Nationwide organizations like yours are uniquely positioned to elicit sponsors, attract participants, and recruit chapters to host and co-produce local Rise Up events. By collaboratively creating these events across the country, your organization can engage more supporters and generate more donations than ever before.

You can apply to be a Rise Up Partner   below. For more information on the structure of our proposed partnership, please see our Partner Resources page.