Focus Issues

Women's Rights

For decades, women have fought arduously to progress toward equality. From civil rights, to equal pay, to reproductive rights, women have created steady improvement. But in November, 2016, America elected a president infamous for his misogynism. Anti-women positions are rampant in President Trump’s platform, his tweets, and his speech. We believe Americans must stand together, and return the constituency to a position which promotes equality—regardless of gender.

Climate Change

In June 2017, President Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, because it “was a bad deal.” But climate change is not an economic issue, or a party issue—it is a human issue. And with over 90% of the scientific community in agreement, and decades of statistical support, it is a proven issue. We believe it is time for Americans to commit themselves to major legislation that reduces carbon emissions.

Immigrants' Rights

The 2016 election cycle demonstrated the ideological divide between Americans on immigration. President Trump was elected with an extreme platform that touted wall-building and mass-deportation. Within his first year, Trump has begun to advance his platform by dismantling Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). We believe our nation must rediscover its melting-pot origins, and our citizens must support progressive immigration reform.

LGBTQ+ Rights

In the buildup to his election, President Trump slated himself as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. But the Trump administration has already reversed that position, by revoking federal guidelines for transgender student rights and nominating the anti-gay Sam Brownback as ambassador for international religious freedom. Most recently, President Trump banned transgender people from serving their country in the US military. We believe Americans must reject these policies, and re-establish an attitude of acceptance and protection of all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Civil Rights

Minorities have struggled for equality since the age of imperialism—and the injustices continue today. From deadly white supremacist rallies, to police senselessly killing people of color, it has never been clearer that de-facto racism survives under the surface of American culture. At a time when minorities need advocates in Washington, President Trump selected Cameron Quin—an advocate for legislation which restricts minorities’ ability to vote—for the highest civil rights position in the Department of Homeland Security. We believe all people are born equal, independent of their race, and that we all races must unite against bigotry, racism, and oppression.